About Helen Micallef

Helen Micallef

Helen Micallef, the founder of Infinite Possibilities, has had a varied career from working for the Commonwealth Bank, direct sales, a window cleaning business, book keeping, human resources and now property investment. 

Here’s a personal note from Helen Micallef…

My philosophy is that without my clients I’m not in business so I better take care of them the best I can. 

My decision to get into this industry followed my experience of investing in property. My husband and I were working, we had 3 children and a very busy household. 

I did not know how to get started in property investment nor had I the time to find out how it worked.

I read many books but never really understood what they were saying and then I attended some seminars. I found that unless I paid for the investment services I was not going to get any further.

Having spent a lot of money to be shown how to get started it was still too difficult. 

I had to do all my own research and I remember thinking, "I wish someone would just tell me what to do, or better still they could do it for me".  

A shining light!

Finally, I found a company that could help, without charging a fortune! It also became possible to offer this service myself, and so Infinite Possibilities was born.

I relish showing clients the concepts of how investing in property works.  It’s wonderful to answer all their questions and see the understanding coming in.

Time and time again I meet people and they say "we should have done this years ago but we just didn't know how" or "I never understood that before" or "is it really that simple?"

Over the years I have worked with clients who have been nervous about starting the process; who wouldn't be?  You are not just buying a new watch, you are looking at a major investment. 

My job has been to educate these clients to the point they are able to take the next step, comfortably and confidently.  

Often I have been asked, "Why would I come to you?"  I say, "I will make sure that you totally understand what you are going to do and you know what, I really care and I want you to win out of this. I want you to achieve what you have set out to achieve and I am not going to rip you off."  

That is who I am, I give you the sort of service that I expect and want to get myself.

If you're curious about what is involved with property investment, check out the simple process we have developed over the years