Property Investment Process

Property Investment Process

Investing in property doesn’t have to be hard. Our fine-tuned investment process takes care of everything for you, with virtually no effort on your behalf.

The property investment process:

  1. You call (03) 8682 8766 to book your free no-obligation education appointment at a convenient time and place that suits you, or book online.
  2. At your appointment, get all your questions answered without the pressure of being "sold something".
  3. Once all your questions are answered we can arrange a Finance appointment with one of our trusted affiliates to get all your finance in place.
  4. Purchase your investment property in a great location.
  5. Once the Land settlement takes place you are one step closer to your first Investment Property.
  6. While your House is being constructed you will receive regular update reports with photos.
  7. Getting your Property Leased is handled quickly so that your investment expenses are covered.
  8. The Post-settlement Appointment makes sure that everything is in order and running smoothly.
  9. Often clients who have done one investment property come back and continue to build their portfolio with us because the first one ran like clockwork without any headaches and stress-free.

It really is that simple when you use a company with our experience and knowledge….

So start at step one and pick up the phone and call (03) 8682 8766.

Or, book your free no-obligation appointment online